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Eddie Money on Mancow - The Loop 97.9 FM WLUP

6/19     Rockers' Eddie Money, WARRANT And Others Team Up With NFL Stars and The Fighting Irish for A Great Cause In Chicago
6/28     LOUD Entertainment goes LIVE with WeishFest to Produce First Ever Online Telethon for The Andrew Weishar Foundation
7/6     Barebones Chopper Joins The Fight Rides Down Red Carpet 

Joey Allen (Warrant) Custom Guitar Offer NEW

7/6     Eddie Money A Family Affair in Chicago NEW
7/6     Bettenhausen, ARIBA and Pepsico Bring BIG Support for Local Cause NEW
7/6     Norte Dame Fighting Irish Joins The Fight for Teammate NEW


    Red Carpet Media Invite NEW

Dennis McKinnon and Dan Weishar


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“I'm honored to partner with The Andrew Weishar Foundation and host WeishFest 2015. Being involved for so many years helping friends and families battling cancer, I look forward to bringing more attention and awareness to this cause and helping many families burdened by this deadly disease!”


 – Dennis McKinnon #85


“During his fight, Andrew asked very little of us, however, before he passed, the one request Andrew had for my family and I was to “pay forward” the kindness and generosity that we received from so many during those three years. To honor his one and only wish, we created The Andrew Weishar Foundation with the mission of paying forward that kindness and generosity by providing immediate financial aid to families with adolescents or young adults battling cancer.”


– Dan Weishar, Executive Director - The Andrew Weishar Foundation




























Eddie Money - Headliner

Follow Eddie @ImEddieMoney


For interviews please contact:

Tom Stokes






About Eddie Money: "I've got two tickets to paradise and I'm taking everybody." Eddie Money says it at least once, every show. And he means it. As the years have passed, this straight up music icon’s blue-collar brand of rock n roll has managed to transcend generations and continues to move audiences today. With hits like "Two Tickets To Paradise," "Baby Hold On," "Walk On Water," "Think I'm In Love" and "Shakin," Money has sold more than 28 million records, with many of his songs appearing in film, television and video games. An accomplished musician who sings, writes, and plays the saxophone, harmonica and piano, he continues to be one of the hardest working men in rock and roll, performing about 150 shows every year. "My fans are the best, most loyal fans a guy could ask for. They keep coming back for more and I'm not gonna stop until they make me stop."


See more at: http://www.eddiemoney.com


Personal video message from Eddie Money




About Warrant: At its core, WARRANT is an American rock band through and through. Hitting it big in 1989, the Hollywood, CA based band rose through the ranks of the local Sunset Strip scene to the level of multiplatinum selling, chart-topping success. The band first came into the national spotlight with their debut album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich. This album produced Radio and MTV chart toppers “Down Boys,” “Sometimes She Cries,” and the massive hit “Heaven” which reached #1 in Rolling Stone and #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks in a row. The single “Heaven” enjoyed Gold sales and the Album went Platinum in Canada as well, eventually selling over 3 million copies. The band toured the globe performing 262 shows in support of DRFSR and closed the year with a Platinum Home Video.

WARRANT’s sophomore album Cherry Pie was released in September 1990. This album, which spawned the MTV & Radio hits “Cherry Pie,” “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” and “I Saw Red,” all reached the Top 10 in the United States and went on to sell 3 million copies, reaching Platinum sales in Canada and Australia.. WARRANT has been headlining festivals, casinos and fairs all over the country. The band is fired up and tighter than every musically! These rockers can’t wait to play not only ALL the hits fans know & love, but also new tunes/videos like “Life’s A Song,” & “Home.” 


Personal video message from Warrant







For interviews please contact:

Tom Stokes









Jeff will be performing at festival and Official After Party at Bourbon Street

For interviews please contact:

Tom Stokes





About Jeff Jacobs:  From Chicago, IL, Jeff toured the world with Foreigner for 17 years but may be best known as The Piano Man's, Piano Man during his time with Billy Joel. Jeff is the first thing you hear on both of Billy's two #1 hit records, "We Didn't Start the Fire" and "River of Dreams". Jeff  has also worked with with Julian Lennon and has performed  LIVE on the Tonight Show for the late great Johnny Carson and The Arsenio Hall Show.


For the majority of Jacobs’ 30 years in the industry, Baldwin has been his piano of choice. His first exposure to Baldwin came in the late 1980s shortly after he was asked to join Billy Joel’s band, where he ended up recording two albums, Stormfront and River of Dreams, and toured the world as Joel’s primary keyboard player.


The Jeff Jacobs Stormfront album was produced by Foreigner’s Mick Jones, who also noticed Jacob’s brilliant keyboard skills. By 1993, Jacobs had become a full-time member of Foreigner, and has since enjoyed great success as both a writer and producer for such artists as Julian Lennon, Laura Brannigan, Phil Ramone, Paul Simon, Wayne Baker Brooks, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Survivor, Dennis DeYoung, Sugar Blue, Twista, Heather Headley, Honeyboy Edwards, Pine Top Perkins and many more....



Interview by Eric Salas




For interviews please contact:

Tom Stokes





About Chicago 6: Former NFL Chicago Bear, and Hall of Famer, Dan Hampton has put the band back together.....Hampton is partnering with his former Super Bowl teammates Otis Wilson and Steve McMichael for a revival of the Chicago 6 - a band originally formed out of the free time created by the 1987 NFL strike. If you thought these guys rocked on the field, wait until you see them on stage!! Great music, inside stories about their days with the Bears, parodying of popular hit songs and more!!




























































Tom Stokes - CEO LOUD Entertainment

Photo: During filming of WAR of ROCK TV

Credit: Stacie Huckabea




About Loud Entertainment Group: The LOUD Corporation (TLC) is a full-service promotional, entertainment event and publicity agency that has represented a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, auto dealerships, celebrities, and athletes. For the last 25 years, LOUD has paved its way into several facets of many businesses, making the LOUD Team an invaluable commodity in any setting. With services ranging from web design to brand development to television and red carpet event production, there is no company that works harder when it comes to out-of-the-box ideas for its clients via ROCK IN YOUR BRAND. LOUD's major accomplishment is Sports Plus. Created by The LOUD Entertainment Group, the sports and entertainment TV show can be seen in major cities during football season, gaining popularity quickly ever since its start in 2011 with the Dallas Cowboys Legend Drew Pearson. The company is also the creator and producer of Rockin The Red Carpet Tours that was hosted by Vince Neil of Motley Crue several times. Also to their credit is WAR of ROCK (American Idol for Hard Rock) with Mark Slaughter and  Dana Strum of the Multi-Platinum Rock Band SLAUGHTER. The company has recently formed a new label division LOUD Spirit Records for rock music with major distribution and promotion.


November 2014 LOUD Entertainment entered into an agreement to Executive Produce WeishFest LIVE streaming and edited for TV Special. Hosted by Dennis Mckinnon (Chicago Bears) from their Sports Plus Franchise. The show will feature Eddie Money, Warrant and many others while Dennis and Co-Host introduce sponsors and bring awareness to The Andrew Weishar Foundation in a Jerry Lewis type telethon.


The LOUD Entertainment Core Team is from New Orleans, LA, and led by Tom Stokes ( CEO/Founder) Tom grew up at Waldo Burton Boys Home in New Orleans, LA. He now lives in Dallas, TX area where the LOUD studios are located. In the works are two feature films one about a famous Rock Star from the 70’s the other about Tom’s younger life working with Gov. Edwin W. Edwards. Tom has four children and one grandchild. His oldest daughter, Victoria Stokes, attends LSU Medical. More about Tom Stokes and LOUD...












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